"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." – Robert Swan

The scourge of COVID has spared none and humanity has literally been brought to its knees by a gram of a virus!!

As intertwined crisis imploded around us – from health to economy – we at Able comprehended that now is the time for us to reassess our values and think about how to become more responsible and sustainable.

Our sustainability Piers

Lowering our Carbon Footprint

As we continue to evolve as a manufacturer of choice, we plan to embark on our duty towards the planet by going Solar. Greenhouse gases, greenhouse effect, carbon footprint and many other terms referring to our impact on the environment have become frequent concepts in our daily lives. Using renewable energy like solar energy will make a huge positive impact on the environment and we at Able are on our way to harness most of our requirements for production from the Sun with substantial investments in LSS (Large Scale Solar ) to be undertaken at our new proposed manufacturing and business park to be constructed at Carey Island, Kuala Langat, Selangor soon.

Reduction of Waste & Resource recycling

Materials and wastes are an often-overlooked opportunity to improve an organization’s sustainability, prevent greenhouse gas emissions and reduce costs. Reducing waste supports our operations, our communities and as a result our planet. Recycling and composting play an important role in how we manage material, but generating less waste offers the greatest environmental benefit of all. While waste reduction is a function of consumer and business behaviour, we pledge to work closely with customers and communities to help them find ways to reduce waste; and also ingrain this among our employees to make waste reduction not a responsibility to undertake but a habit to inculcate.

Strategic Water management

Substantial water consumption is a part and parcel of our business and being in a water intensive industry it is imperative that the concept of Every Drop Counts is fully entrenched in our values and belief system. At Able we strive to prevent and reduce water pollution and water usage as we understand that.

We aspire to introduce water-saving technologies to minimise water usage and losses at our manufacturing facilities through strategic water management programs implemented on an ongoing basis. Our upcoming new proposed consolidated manufacturing facility at Carey Island, Kuala Langat, Selangor is being designed to have an elaborate Rain Water Harvesting mechanism in place for efficient water management and sustainability.